About Keilson Foote

Keilson Foote, originally from Devon, trained as a silversmith in 2008, having spent 15 years working in an independent retail jewellery business.

He moved to St Ives, West Cornwall, in 2010 with his family and started producing commissions in gold and silver.

He has his own Sponsors Mark (the unique identifier as to the maker of articles in precious metal) and is registered at the London Assay Office for the hallmarking of items on demand.

As well as meeting customer requirements for commissions, he also designs and makes his own jewellery. With a nod to ancient, Nordic and Celtic designs, Keilson utilises a variety of textures including highly hand polished, hammered and reticulated finishes to statement pieces.

He prides himself on producing unique high quality handmade items both for everyday wear and bold, elegant pieces for special occasions.

“I am very fortunate to live in Cornwall, and like so many other artists before me (and no doubt many more to follow) the natural landscape, carved by wind, sea and weather provide great inspiration. Some of the igneous (volcanic intrusions, mostly granite) and metamorphic (layers of sedimentary rock, changed and thrust up by volcanic action) rock formations can be seen in the reticulated or repoussé finished silver pieces I make.

I can never reproduce that which is created in nature, but the swirls of rock formations or deep-cut valleys created by water courses expose a veritable plethora of finishes which can be interpreted into very tactile jewellery".

“My garden is my sanctuary for thinking of new designs for my jewellery which I can use to help me advise on potential choices for commissions.

I have a complete array of hammers and each has a special use. From an old cobbler’s hammer, with beautifully polished faces to texture small pieces, such as earrings, to a wooden mallet to help early forming of sheet metal over a stake. My most enjoyable to use are a wonderful set of planishing and raising hammers to form silver or gold into intricate and beautifully curved shapes”.

“All jewellery made or supplied by Keilson Foote Jewellery, is made using precious metals which are from Certified authorised suppliers, using non-conflict sources and application of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

We only use the highest standard quality of precious metals and, where necessary, items are Hallmarked at the Goldsmiths Company Assay Office London.

Where items do not meet the requirements for Hallmarking, due to their weight, a mark of their fineness (i.e. 925 Sterling Silver) will be included somewhere”.
My most prized tool (set) are my repoussé punches, which have almost endless choices for use and combination to create truly wonderful designs”.

If you want any more information

I hope that you have found the website informative. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch about anything you can see here or to talk about commissioning a special piece.

My work can also be found at the Saltings Gallery in Lelant. Please go to for more information.

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