Sizing information

Ring sizing

All rings advertised in my online shop are already sized. If you want a particular size, I can size your chosen item before posting to you.

All rings are made using the UK Wheatsheaf measurement of the full size using the letters of the alphabet (A to Z) and half sizes, i.e. A+ half; B+ half etc with a ring stick.

I can make rings to any size to meet other international ring sizing systems.

It is suggested you find out the type and size of ring at any reputable jeweller, who will provide this service free of charge. Alternatively, if the ring you want or are commissioning is to replace a known ring worn by the lucky customer, you could send the ring to Keilson Foote Jewellery and we can make a ring to the same size. Rings, which are not set with stones can be sized at a nominal charge, depending on the number of sizes (up or down) and the fineness of the metal from which the ring is made.

Bangle sizing

Bangles can be made to any diameter, thickness and width. The way to find the minimum diameter to fit the person is to get them to put their fingers together and stretch them out to form a cone. Using a tape measure, find the circumference around the knuckles of the thumb, forefinger and little finger, so as to just fit over comfortably. This will be the inside diameter.

Please see pictures below as a sizing guide or, if you prefer, you can always send an existing bangle to Keilson Foote Jewellery as a pattern. 

Picture 1 - hand out stretched.
Picture 2 - Fingers made into a ‘cone’.
Picture 3 - Measure around hand at widest part.
Picture 4 - Ensure bangle feels comfortable on the wrist.

Sizing other pieces

Necklaces, neck chains or other bodily adornments (i.e. Backlace – a necklace which is predominantly worn down a wearers back (i.e. for low-cut backed top or dress) or Waistlace – a chain made to be worn around the waist) can be made to any length.

Graduated lengths of chain can also be made and from varying weight of chain or different types of precious metal (i.e. yellow, white and red gold) to maximise the effect.

Please send a message via the contact page to discuss your detailed requirements the idea you would like to take from concept to design through to manufacture.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a ‘no obligation’ discussion on your requirements.