Terms & Conditions

1. All goods and services provided by Keilson Foote Jewellery [hereinafter referred to as ‘the Supplier’] will be subject to deposit or payment in GB Pounds [£] in accordance with the agreed order made by the customer [hereinafter referred to as ‘You’] as accepted and at the discretion of the ‘Supplier’.

2. Any deposit provided by ‘You’ will be deducted from the total value of the goods or services provided by the ‘Supplier’.

3. The balance of the goods/services provided by the ‘Supplier’ to ‘You’ will be due for immediate payment and in any case prior to delivery if made otherwise than in person by the ‘Supplier’ to ‘You’. [i.e. if the Supplier sends goods to You by recorded delivery post by the Royal Mail].

4. The goods/services provided by the ‘Supplier’ can be sent by courier, the cost of which will be agreed by the ‘Supplier’ with ‘You’ at the time of placing the order.

5. The Ownership and legal Title of the goods remain with the ‘Supplier’ until full, cleared payment has been made by ‘You’, or any other person nominated by ‘You’, to the Suppliers Bank [Details as per the Suppliers Invoice].

6. All goods are provided with a full UK Hallmark, where necessary and required by UK Law [i.e. required by virtue of weight] and, include the Sponsors Mark [‘KF’] as Registered with the London Assay Office.

7. All Goods and Services are not subject to UK Value Added Tax [VAT], at the prevailing rate, as Keilson Foote, owner of Keilson Foote Jewellery is not Registered for the payment of VAT with HM Revenue & Customs in the UK.

8. No goods will be sold to anyone outside the UK or exported by the ‘Supplier’ from the UK. Where automated selling systems enable a sale to be made, when discovered by the 'Supplier', a full refund will be made and the purchaser advised by email at the earliest opportunity.

9. All Goods & Services provided by the ‘Supplier’ will be made in accordance with UK standards and within the time quoted by the ‘Supplier’. However, the ‘Supplier’ cannot guarantee Goods or Services where a third party supplier/manufacturer are involved and ‘You’ must accept that delay may occur [i.e. sending items to Assay and there is a postal or transport strike or severe weather disruption]. No compensation or reduction in price for any reasonable, unforeseen delay will be made, offered or implied by the ‘Supplier’ to ‘You’ should such a delay occur.

10. In the event the goods offered by the ‘Supplier’ are unable to be delivered in full to ‘You’, ‘You’ will be provided a full refund from your deposit.

11. Where Goods/Services are quoted for by the ‘Supplier’ and ‘You’ have made a deposit, in the event you cancel the order, a refund will be made by the ‘Supplier’ to ‘You’, less 20% Handling and Administration Fee charged by the ‘Supplier’.

12. Goods returned by ‘You’ will only be accepted by the ‘Supplier’ if they are faulty. No responsibility will be accepted by the ‘Supplier’ for goods misused, abused or otherwise damaged through normal wear and tear. Where goods are found to be faulty, they will be repaired/or replaced by the ‘Supplier’.

13. In the event of a dispute, the ‘Suppliers’ decision is final in accordance with these Terms & Conditions and no further correspondence will be entered into or compensation paid by the ‘Supplier’ to ‘You’.

14. These Terms and Conditions, do not affect your statutory rights.